Friday, January 18, 2013

Watercolor Fridays

               Iris 7.5 x 10.5 inch Watercolor and  White Gouache on Arches 300 pound hot press

     This watercolor was painted in a live demonstration in my Friday morning watercolor class. I will be posting my demo each week as well as some things from my figure drawing sessions and other upcoming events or classes.
     We worked from photograph to create this image this week. The lesson in today's painting class was focused on contrast on value between dark and light. Using a full range of value on over 25 percent of the composition. I often give these demos away to my students as a extra bonus for attending my classes. I will usually provide the rough sketch and photo reference of what we work on week to week. This is this weeks photo if you want to try to paint this one at home.

I also gave an artist reference this week. Her name is Arena Shawn and she paints in watercolor and focuses on flowers. Her work has huge dark areas and strong contrast. You can view her work, just click on her name.

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